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The diagnosis of hip arthritis is usually straight forward and made with an  X-ray. However for other issues around the hip the diagnosis may be more difficult and require more sophisticated imaging. The problem is that the hip is relatively deep and there are other structures around the hip that may be the source of the problem.
With hip arthritis if the symptoms can not be controlled with exercise  or medication a hip replacement  should be considered. Hip replacement is one of the most successful treatments in the whole of medicine and reliably cures the pain of arthritis. I  tailor the replacement to the patient and use implants that have been shown to be  reliable in the long term. I have tried may surgical approaches, but now use one that provides an excellent view of the hip so I can accurately position the components. Furthermore the risk of dislocation, which is a horrible complication, is lower than with other common approaches.  After surgery the recovery and return to full function is rapid.

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